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The successful use of CPD for RDFs as the basic material has been demonstrated since 2003 in numerous tests. The suitability of the middle distillate derived from the process for use in diesel engines has been repeatedly attested by independent institutes. All applications in standard diesel engines have been successful to date without exception.

Storage capability and range of applications increased

The conversion rate for RDF is generally between 35% and 40% in reference to the dry mass. As a consequence, CPD enables significant reduction in volume while retaining the calorific value with no loss in storability of the energy carrier. The range of applications for the energy carriers is markedly rising – for example, in engines, turbines and burners – along with possible marketing opportunities. The calorific value of the RDF used is about 20,000 – 21,000 kJ/kg, while that of the CPD product is 41,000 – 43,000 kJ/kg.

The CPD process as an alternative use of RDF offers the following advantages:

    •    No creation of dioxins and furans caused by the temperatures required in the production process
    •    Processing of PVC without increased corrosion tendency due to the binding of halogens in salts
    •    Transfer of the energy of RDFs to storable fuel with an efficiency rate of greater than 80%
    •    CO2-neutral transformation process for the hydrocarbons.

The universal use of refuse-derived fuel as the basic material for heating oil, thermal power station fuel and diesel combined with the storage and transport capability of the energy carrier provides better access to the market and a high level of economic efficiency.

The optimum use of the energy makes a significant contribution to the conservation of resources and for recovery of energy.