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DIESELWEST is starting trial operation.

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Carrying out the process in the range of 280°C to 360°C mainly produces middle distillates. These can be used as fuel or as basic materials for further processing.
Volatile hydrocarbons are fully utilized in the thermal power station employed for generating the required electrical and thermal energy.

Materials that cannot be converted (inorganic matter), released carbon and the crystals and salts obtained by the process through catalytic or neutralizer binding are physically separated in applications by DIESELWEST and then channelled for thermal use.

Proving suitability of the product for use in engines

Numerous analyses verify the suitability of the CPD product for use in engines and motors. The values of the CPD product in key parameters are greatly better than specified by the diesel standard DIN 590. For example, the CPD product often exhibits considerably greater cetane ratings (ignition quality) and better CFPP values (low-temperature durability).

In view of this, the objective of DIESELWEST is to use the product for motor-driven applications in thermal power stations or in vehicles.