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DIESELWEST is starting trial operation.

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Environmental protection

Environmental protection is the general term for the actions taken to combat the global warming effects caused by man and that are intended to alleviate or prevent their possible consequences. Environmental protection is the focus both of the work of DIESELWEST and of the operation of the waste disposal centre in Ennigerloh, the site of the CPD plant. The citizens of the region benefit from this protection.
The CPD plant from DIESELWEST is a further stone in the mosaic of implementations of environmental and resource protection projects.

Below are some of the activities carried out at the waste disposal site in Ennigerloh:

  • Production of refuse-derived fuels from domestic and commercial waste
  • Production of useful compost from bio and green waste
  • Extraction of biogas from some of the delivered bio and green waste
  • Collection and reuse of landfill gas
  • Energy generation by one of the largest photovoltaic installations in the Warendorf district on the hall roofs of the system