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DIESELWEST is starting trial operation.

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Waste management

Waste management in the Warendorf and Gutersloh districts in Germany integrates the CPD plant

Citizens and commercial firms expect that waste be disposed of quickly and inexpensively in an environmental-friendly manner. Sustainable usage and recycling protect the environment and reduce the consumption of raw materials. These complex, demanding requirements of modern waste management need experts for their fulfilment.

The districts of Warendorf and Gutersloh have therefore transferred their public waste management contract to two communally managed waste management companies. These two companies are AWG - Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft des Kreises Warendorf mbH and GEG - Gesellschaft zur Entsorgung von Abfällen Kreis Gütersloh mbH. Both assure reliable recycling and disposal of waste. The two companies offer a waste management infrastructure of recycling depots and waste disposal centres, along with waste handling and transport facilities, that covers the designated districts.

Waste management consulting services and aftercare of the former waste sites are additional services. At the centre of the activities of AWG and GEG is the operation of the waste disposal centre in Ennigerloh by the joint subsidiary company, ECOWEST - Entsorgungsverbund Westfalen GmbH.

CPD plant fits the overall concept

The plant separates reusable materials from waste and produces high-calorific secondary fuels for industrial use. These secondary fuels are also the basic material used in the DIESELWEST oil production system. The CPD plant thus fits perfectly into the general environmentally friendly waste management concept of the Warendorf and Gutersloh districts. In addition, the disposal of commercial waste is the task of ECOWEST. The cooperation between the two districts and the three waste disposal companies focuses on a shared objective: provision of a secure, inexpensive waste disposal service for the citizens and commercial firms in the region.