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DIESELWEST is starting trial operation.

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The discovery

Catalytic pressureless depolymerisation (CPD) is a technical depolymerisation process.  Basic research on the process was carried out in the 1980s by Prof. Ernst Bayer at the University of Tubingen. The process method used today is based mainly on the development work of Dr. Christian Koch, Buttenheim, who holds numerous patents in the area of CPD.


The DIESELWEST project partners have been involved for the last eight years in the industrial implementation of CPD. After the implementation of a number of test systems at home and abroad the first industry standard system was taken into operation in Canada in 2007.

In 2010, the project partners decided after successful tests using refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for CPD to perform the DIESELWEST implementation at the waste disposal centre in Ennigerloh.